Jessie Colter squats down and, as Flex flicks his tie to one side – showing off his muscular body – Jessie takes his cock into his mouth and sucks his aching, hard erection. Flex takes his shirt off and stands there in just his tie getting his dick and ball sack licked and kissed all over. It gets bathed in Jessie’s warm, wet saliva. The two of them take it in turns in sucking on one another’s cocks and kissing each other passionately.
Jessie turns around and bends over slightly as Flex goes down behind him. He licks and fingers his tight, hairy asshole. Both men growl in pleasure as their breathing gets heavier and quicker. Making sure Jessie´s tight ass is dripping in his spit, and is loosened up a bit, Flex stands up behind him, and drives his cock deep into Colters’ sensitive ring piece. He fucks him standing up with his tie in his hand, and using it like a slave’s collar strap.
Jessie Colter
Jessie Vice gets bent over the desk and gets fucked doggy style before he turns over onto his back and Flex fucks him in the missionary position. Eventually both men shoot their pearly white cum over Jessie Colter’s hairy, panting body.
Jessie lies there with fresh cum dribbling down him and wonders who he has to fuck next to find out who the mole really is. He loves his job. Watch more of Jessie Colter at


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