Slightly furry Jessie Colter is the professional doctor in this hot medical clinic scene, where younger, slightly shy Evan Mercy has come of his check-up. Everything seems OK, there is just the question of The Prostate Exam. Evan’s a bit nervous about this but he does as he is told and strips down before getting on all fours. Jessie talks him through the exam, putting on his latex gloves, inserting his finger and declaring everything is OK. But strangely, Evan finds he rather likes the exam and asks the doctor to check again, this time while he lies on his back and really opens up to the experience.

Things develop as Jessie and Evan give in to the sexual tension and the doctor starts blowing his patient, still fingering his ass at the same time. It’s not long before both guys are stripped won, Jessie’s cut cock is also on display and a horny session starts on the examination table. Smooth, tattooed Evan returns the blowing favour as both men work each other’s cocks into impressive, hard-ons, stroking and sucking until it’s time for the doctor’s own internal examination.

First Jessie sits on the patients’ hard cock, riding him on the table and then gets him to bend him over and really delves in deep, reaching that prostate doggy style. Evan fucks hard and fast, like a trip-hammer belting in and out of Doc’s hole, then flipping him onto his back and sliding back in slow and powerful. The guys keep it up for as long as they can handle until finally Evan fucks the jizz out of doctor Jessie before shooting his own wad over him in a gasping climax. And the diagnosis? Better come back tomorrow for another check-up.

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